At HAND MADE we are experiencing incredible growth and interest in our work. We welcome all inquiries about our Apparel Printing, Pin Production, or Brand Consulting services.
Here on our site we showcase the pins we work with. For examples of our printing just ask. We have produced projects large and small, from custom orders to fully branded clothing lines.

A friendly email can go a long way towards making your projects become reality. 

During the 2014 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup, I was interviewed for this article by Bobby Black. Please do give it a read.
In June of 2014 HAND MADE received a visit form Daniel Berman reporting for The Northwest Leaf, a monthly dedicated to covering the cannabis community in Washington State.
I was completely surprised by this full centerfold titled
"The Shirtmaker Adam Hand"
It is a honor to be noticed and appreciated by the community. Please take a few min to read the piece on page 18-19.